New & Reconditioned Alternator Repairs & Replacements Melbourne

Mobile Car Care offers alternator repairs & replacements as well as affordable new alternators so that you’re back on the road in no time!

The alternator is one of your car’s most important components as it charges the car battery while your car engine is running. Mobile Car Care specialises in reconditioning your alternator and starter motor or providing a new alternator if necessary, in order to have your car running smoothly again.

If your car is having difficulty starting, or has a warning light flashing on your dash you may be in need of a new or reconditioned alternator. Our mobile mechanics and auto electricians will come to you at your convenience to ensure there is minimal disruption to your day. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, efficient repairs and competitive prices.

Our qualified experts will measure voltage output and diagnose the issues your car is experiencing and if required, will either recondition your alternator with the highest quality parts so that it is restored to almost perfect condition or replace with a new or change over alternator. We also offer a wide range of brand new affordable alternators to suit almost every make and model of vehicle.